Dr. med. Dent. Moghtader, Darius

Dr. med. Dent. Moghtader, Darius


  • State Exam in 1991 at the Medical Faculty of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.
  • Doctorate med. Dent. 1993 at the Medical Faculty of the Johann-Wolfgang-Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main.
  • After 2 years of assistantship establishment in 1993 in Oppenheim, first in group practice, then in private practice for tooth preservation with a focus on prevention, laser therapy and implantology. Member of the German Society for Laser Dentistry since 2004 and laser users for 6 years with 3 different wavelengths and laser systems.
  • Annual information sessions for parents in the Oppenheimer kindergartens. Numerous training sessions about laser and photodynamic therapy.
  • Publications about laser dentistry in Germany, USA, France, Russia and China.
  • Developer and consultant for high pulsed, high-energy laser assisted periodontal therapy, the high-level-high-pulsed Herpes labialis therapy, the direct high-level high-pulsed Hemangioma therapy and the high-level-high-pulsed laser ridge preservation therapy.
  • Inventor and patent holder of the noninvasive diode laser therapy SNORE3.
    Founder and chairman of the doctors quality group for CO² Laser release providers Zungenbandzentrum.de.

National publications:

  • Herpes labialis easy, fast and sustainable therapy (Dental Barometer 05/2011) Columbus or periodontal therapy with 3,000% more power (Dental Barometer 03/2011) Light and Power - The periodontal therapy with laser (Laser Journal 1/2011)
  • The "love bite" (Dental Barometer 03/2010)
  • Respectful to the tongue? (Laser Journal 2/2010)
  • Painkillers or low-level laser? (Dental Barometer 02/2010)
  • Laser ridge preservation (Laser Journal 03/2011 & Dental Barometer 08/2011)
  • Contemporary vestibuloplastic in the age of implantology (Laser Journal 02/2012 & Dental Barometer 08/2011)
  • De me expertus sum (Laser Journal 03/2012 & Dental Barometer 06/2012)
  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss (Laser Journal 04/2012 & Dental Barometer 01/2013)
  • All the Same? (Laser Journal 02/2013 & Dental Barometer 03/2013)
  • Pros and cons of laser therapy in dentistry / Part 1 / Surgery (Laser Journal 03/2013 & Dental Barometer 04/2013)
  • Pros and cons of laser therapy in dentistry / Part 2 Periodontology (Laser Journal 01/2014 & Dental Barometer 02/2014)
  • Die Hebamme 2018 Thieme “Pain-free breastfeeding-the free moving tongue, pre and post frenotomy care.“
    Lactation & Breastfeeding 3/2019 Frenotomy of the Frenulum Linguae in the infant with Ankylogossia

International publications:

  • Periodontitis therapy with 3,000% more power (laser international 01/2011) and (International Newspaper Dental Tribune USA)
  • Laser ridge preservation (Laser International 03/2011) and (International Newspaper Dental Tribune Russia)
  • Up-to-date vestibuloplastic at the age of implantdentistry (Laser International 03/2012) and (Inter-national Newspaper Dental Tribune China)
  • Does the tongue get attention it deserves (Laser International 04/2012) (International Newspaper Dental Tribune France)
  • Becomming kissable: Laser Assisted hemangioma removal (laser international 01/2013) The green power (Laser international 03/2013)
  • Lasers in dentistry part one surgery (Dentalbarometer 1/2014) Lasers in dentistry part two periodontolgy (Dentalbarometer 4/2014) Snore3 for dentists (Laser Yearbook 2016)
  • Laser-based tightening of the soft palate (Dental Tribune 11/2016)
    Frenotomy of the Frenulum Linguae in the Infant with Ankyloglossia Lactation&Breastfeeding 11/2019
Congresses, conferences and webinars:
  • Laser in dental practice (Champions VIP-ZM Congress Mainz 05/2010) Photodynamic therapy (Champions VIP-ZM Congress Mainz 05/2010) Treatment of invasive hemangioma (Annual Meeting DGL Leipzig 09/2012) Use of lasers in periodontics (Laser Start Up 09/2012 Leipzig)
  • Workshop: Periogreen (DGL annual meeting Düsseldorf 09/2012 Leipzig) Laser socket Sealing (International Annual Meeting DGL Berlin 11/2013)
    Flexible response in periodontal therapy (DT Study Club 5/2014)
  • High-energy, high pulsed laser therapy of periodontitis (Annual Meeting DGL Düsseldorf 09/2014) Workshop: A team concept in PA and PI (Annual Meeting in Dusseldorf DGL 09/2014)
  • Snore3 premiere lecture (elexxion International Academy Radolfzell 11/2015)
  • Laser boot camp (elexxion dental academy Singen 4/2015)
    Several Snore3 lectures in Germany and Dubai 2016
  • Boost your photo thermal therapy! (International Annual Meeting of the DGL Leipzig 11/2015)
  • Laser user training (Oppenheim 5/2016)
  • Legal basis of snoring therapy by laser (International Annual Meeting of the DGL 10/2016)
  • Snore3 workshop for dentists (International Annual Meeting of the DGL 10/2016)
  • Laser and NLP lecture (Flonheim 11/2016)
  • Snore3 presentation (IDS Cologne 2017)
  • Implants and Laser (VIP-ZM Congress Krakau 5/2018)
  • Update diode laser 2018 (medixess/oralia Future Center Flonheim 9/2018)
  • Laser Surgery Breastfeeding session of the BDL-IBCLC "The tongue ligament as an obstacle to breastfeeding?" Forum Midwifery 2019 Wiesbaden "The free tongue as a guarantee for painless breastfeeding?"
  • Update diode laserr 2019 (medixess/oralia Future Center Flonheim 9/2018)
  • Laser Perio treatment
  • IBCLC/BDL Symposium 10/2018 Karlsruhe “Tongue ties hinder breastfeeding”
  • Laser essentials course oralia in Düsseldorf 04/2019
  • Laser essentials course oralia in Dachau 06/2019
  • Laser specialties including tongue tie course medixess in Dachau in Flonheim Dental Future Center 09/2019
  • Laser essentials course oralia in Frankfurt 09/2019
  • Tongue-tie recertification course MTK hospital Bad Soden 10/2019
  • Tongue-tie symposium Leipzig tongue tie presentation and live surgeries by CO² Laser 11/2019
  • Physicians congress Karlsruhe presentation “Is the tongue tie an obstacle for breastfeeding?” 11/2019
  • Free the tongue! Online seminar at Semifobi.de 2/2021
  • Full day recertification at Klinikverband Südwest Tongue- and lip tie, obstacles for breastfeeding? 6/2021
  • Fundraiser online tongue-tie benefit lecture at Semifoni.de in favor of flood victims of Ahrtal 8/2021
  • Free the tongue! Online seminar at Semifobi.de 11/2021
  • Podcast Tongue-tied? Unternehmen Praxis up-therapiemanagement 1/2021
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